Installing Symfony2 On UBUNTU

Symfony2 php framework

Symfony2 php framework

Symfony2 one of the best php frameworks, let’s install it on Ubuntu:

First: Make sure that LAMP(linux-apache2-mysql-php5) is installed on your system, If not click Here to read how to install LAMP on Ubuntu.

Second: Download symfony2 standard virsion as a .tgz from Here and extract it on /var/www/ directory.

Third: You will find a folder called symfony on your /var/www/ directory, Open your browser and type: localhost/symfony/web/app_dev.php/

Fourth: Permissions permissions permissions, don’t be confused 🙂 the problem of permissions came from two folders (logs: symfony/app/logs  & cache: symfony/app/cache), the problem is to make those folders and their files readable and writable.

Fourth: Open your terminal as a root and type this commands:

cd /var/www/symfony
chmod 777 app/cache/*
chmod 777 app/cache/dev/*
chmod 777 app/logs/*

I wrote one more command to avoid you any future permissions, note that you will face this problems in the future but you knew how to solve it now 🙂

Fifth: Refresh your browser again you will see:

Symfony2 welcome page
Symfony2 welcome page

Congratulations, this is your symfony2 welcome page 🙂

Note: You can click on configure and install your database or click on run the demo to check for symfony2 samples.


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